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Unwind in local rhythm, feel the windswept embrace, and let Konkan Paryatan be your guide to unforgettable chapters... starting with yours.


Konkan Paryatan isn't just a tour company, it's an invitation to a vibrant dance between emerald cliffs and sapphire seas. We're Nashik's bridge to the Konkan's soul, woven from local knowledge and a passion for unforgettable adventures.

We believe travel is more than sights, it's a symphony of senses. So, we craft handcrafted tours that let you taste the spice of coastal markets, hear the rhythm of waves against ancient forts, and feel the embrace of windswept beaches. Whether you seek temple whispers echoing through caves or the thrill of spotting playful dolphins, Konkan Paryatan unlocks the Konkan's magic, one experience at a time.

Join us, and let's paint your Konkan canvas with sun-kissed memories.


Meet the dreamer behind Konkan Paryatan, and discover the heartbeat of a company woven from stories and shared adventures.

Shri. Datta Bhalerao isn't just the captain steering Konkan Paryatan for the past 25 years, he's the lighthouse illuminating its path. Every tour he designs ripples with a lifetime of whispered stories, from childhood firefly chases in Konkan's villages to laughter echoing in bustling market squares. His expertise isn't just etched in guidebooks, it's woven into the fabric of the Konkan itself. Recognized as a valued leader, his past role as Chairman of the tourism association speaks volumes about the trust he evokes. But for Shri. Bhalerao, titles are mere whispers compared to the symphony of joy he composes for every traveler. He's not just your guide, he's your Konkan whisperer, ready to translate the secrets of the waves and paint your own unforgettable verse in the epic of the Konkan.

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